Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington

Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington. These days, most of us run our lives in high gear; much like newlyweds George and Marie (not their real names).  George was a software engineer in Redmond, Washington, and Marie was a patent lawyer in Seattle, Washington.  They met online, courted in Seattle, married in Ohio (her childhood home) and honeymooned in Paris.  Then they bought a house in Bellevue to start their new life together.

That’s when they realized their time was over-extended.  They needed to combine their two households into one, and yet, they couldn’t take any more time away from work.  They needed help moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington.

Fortunately, George was a friend of Raul, who was married to Katie, who owned Moving Forward.  A solution appeared!

Moving Forward met with the couple at each of their current homes.  Marie and George picked out the furniture they wanted moved from Redmond and Seattle to Bellevue, Washington.  They chose which dishes, bookcases, and which computers – George had quite a few!

Then George and Marie went back to work at their jobs, and the Moving Forward crew went to work on packing their households.  The crew packed and labeled items to move to the new home, items to move to storage, items to send to auction, and items to donate.  George and Marie were kept informed by email.  When they learned that George’s brother was now moving to Redmond, Washington, they were able to quickly rearrange the item destinations to keep some things aside for his new apartment.

On the big moving day, Moving Forward was there to direct the moving company.  After all the items were unloaded, the Moving Forward crew worked on unpacking and setting up furniture.  George and Marie came home from work that night to find their new home already had beds made and the towels out.  What a relief!

George and Marie got their move in Redmond, Seattle and Bellevue accomplished quickly and smoothly, and never missed a day of work.

Call today to find out how your high gear life can run smoothly, even through a household move, in Redmond, Seattle, and Bellevue, Washington.

Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington.

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