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The Moving Plan You’ve Been Waiting For!

OverwhelmedAboutDownsizing-MovingForwardIncDo you have a client who wants to move, but is too overwhelmed to do it?

As I’m sure you know, many people believe they can manage a relocation on their own. But a senior downsizing move is usually the largest and most complicated move of a person’s life.

Take your client from “I don’t know where to start”, to “here’s what I need to do to finish”, with the Moving Forward Express Plan.

What is the Express Plan?

When you give your client the Express Plan, they will receive a in-home consultation from an experienced Moving Forward professional who will take your client, step-by-step, through a plan to streamline their individual move.

Together, your client and Moving Forward will begin the sorting and relocation process. We will sketch out the order of steps and a schedule to match your client’s goals. Your client will benefit from Moving Forward’s 10 years of experience by learning how to avoid common missteps on the road to relocation. If your client has the physical health and mental focus, the Express Plan will give them everything they need to complete the move on their own.

If your client decides they are not able to complete the project on their own, the Express Plan will enable Moving Forward to seamlessly complete the move for them from any point in less than two weeks.

You’ll Be a Hero!

QuinoaSuperFood-MovingForwardIncMoving Forward offers the Express Plan to the general public for $425, but for our special referral partners we will share the cost of the plan with you. For just $297, you can get your client moving! The best part of this is that you don’t pay for the gift certificate until your client uses it.

To request an Express Plan Gift Certificate, simply email Katie at Then you can present your client with their ticket to an easy move and you can shine like the Star that you are!

Contact us and let’s get started!

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