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Moving Tips: What You CAN’T Take With You!

Moving Tips - Moving ForwardIt might come as a surprise to learn that there are some things that movers cannot move from your current residence to your new home.

In the category of “Hazardous Items” you will find flammable substances like charcoal lighter fluid and charcoal, kerosene and lamp oil. But what about these…matches, nail polish and nail polish remover, aerosols, and previously lit candles? All of these things can catch fire easily too.

The fear of fire…

Fire is real concern for moving companies, especially for long distance moves. When the trucks pass through the mountains, static electricity can cause sparks. If a spark were to light a fire within the loaded truck, it might burn for hours before anyone would notice it from the outside.

Other things that movers don’t transport are ammunition, fire extinguishers and alcoholic beverages.

There are also things that are better not to pack, just for your own convenience. This list includes: your check book, your keys and your cell phone and charger.

What about moving liquids?

While it is legal for moving companies to move liquids, you might think twice about packing them. For goods that are moving interstate, movers charge by weight, typically costs about $1.00 per pound.

So you might want to compare how much you’ll pay to ship that spaghetti sauce to your next home, versus how much it would cost to replace it after you arrive.

Then consider what would happen if one of the bottles broke in transit. What if bright red sauce leaked into boxes of books and dripped onto your sofa?  An accident would make the spaghetti sauce very expensive to move.

Really, it’s best not to ship any liquids at all.

Dont Pack Plants to Move - Moving ForwardPlants are another area of concern with moving companies. The backs of the trucks can get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. It would be better to take these with you in the back of the car.

Of course if you hire Moving Forward, to do the packing, you won’t need to worry about these items. We know what can and can’t be packed and who to call if there is a question.

Give us a call if you need packing for your next move.

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