Oh My Bones

Oh My Bones! How Many do I Have?

Bones-Moving ForwardI started counting and then I realized that I don’t know exactly how many bones are in my hands and feet.  Then there are some complicated collections of bones in the knees and ankles.  Don’t forget the three tiny ones in the ear.

How many?  According to Reference.com, there are 206-208 bones in an adult body.  But there are 300 to 350 in a human infant.  It seems that a number of bones that are separate in an infant fuse as the child grows to adulthood.

What does this have to do with helping people relocate, downsize or declutter?  Not a thing.  Except that moving is big job and you’ll probably need all of your bones to get the job done!

Or you can call Moving Forward and let us put our bones to work for you, and give yours a rest.

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