Old Christmas Decorations

How to Downsize Old Christmas Decor

Downsizing Old Christmas Decorations - Movng ForwardIt was such fun to decorate the Christmas tree and prepare for the holidays, the season of love, the season of light.  The holidays are so warm, the friends, the family, the food.  The lights, the music, the parties.

But then January arrives and you have to put all of those decorations away.

I was talking to my friend, Ann, yesterday and she told me that this is a bitter-sweet year at her house.  It’s the last one before she and her husband move to a smaller place.  The children are grown and out on their own.  The big house feels too big for just the two of them.  They have been planning to move to a condo in a lovely waterside town for several years now.

This is it.  This is the year.

They have purchased the condo and the transition has begun!  After Christmas she had each of her children go through decorations and select the ones they loved the most.  She sent them home with those.  They also eased her mind by accepting that she was going to donate (or perhaps dispose) of many items, some of which never quite made it out the storage boxes, like all the candy cane and pipe cleaner reindeer from Girl Scouts days.

Together, they ceremoniously burned the very faded, once green and red paper chain that had hung over the fireplace when the children were little.  All in all, they ended up reducing the number of  boxes marked “Christmas” by one!

It’s Downsizing Decision Time!

Downsize by Donating - Moving ForwardIt’s time to decide not what to give away, but what ornaments to keep for the smaller trees in the future.  All the rest will be donated, the unbreakable ones to the community center, the others to a thrift store.

She told me about her first Christmas away from home and how happy she was to find some lovely silvery, sparkly balls at the Goodwill for her first humble little tree.  It feels good to know that she can pass on that happy feeling to someone new.

Christmas is the season of love, the season to celebrate the light within the darkness.  It isn’t the ornaments themselves, it’s what they represent.  Share the ones you don’t need any more; the love they embodied you will always have with you.

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