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Why Do We Keep So Much Old Stuff?

Image of Old Stuff - Moving Forward, Inc.Do you have a bucket with a hole in it?

I’m pretty sure we could find one in my garden shed.   Why do we hang onto these “Bucket with a Hole in It Things” (BWHT) anyway?

“I can fix it.”  “It might be useful for something else.”  “ It has sentimental value.”  Whatever the reason, we  modern humans do tend to accumulate BWHTs.

Thinking about “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It” Day made me think about helping a dear friend, Sara, move a few years ago.  When we cleaned out her garage, we found some pretty unusual BWHT items, like light bulbs with wide bases.  I’d never seen anything like them before.   Sure enough she had a lamp that they fit!  But it didn’t work when we tried it.  Or maybe the light bulbs didn’t work.    Either way, they were now all BWHT.

Old Stuff is Everywhere!

And we found lots more BWHT: a box of padlocks without keys or combinations, waterproof backpacks with the waterproof layer peeling off,  leather garden gloves frozen in the shape of someone’s hand.

Sara and I found BWHT in the house too, like outgrown clothes that still needed mending, cracked rubber spatulas sharing drawer space with newer spatulas, and one lovely, wool, argyle sock.  In the bathroom we found partial bottles of hair care products that didn’t perform their promised magic and the emergency preparedness box whose flashlights had neither batteries nor bulbs.

And So It Grows…

BWHTs are a fact of life.  They creep in like weeds and multiply.  At first you don’t even notice that they are there.  Then suddenly BWHT is all you can see.

Image of It's time to de-clutter - Moving Forward, Inc.Research has been done, and books written on the subject of why we collect so much stuff.  Whatever the reasons (and there are many) most people have BWHT taking up valuable space in their homes.  Left unattended, that BWHT can crowd you right out of your rightfully owned property.

We invite you to join us in celebrating “My Bucket Has a Hole in It Day” by reducing the BWHT quantity in your home.  If you find yourself overwhelmed with BWHTs, call Moving Forward.  We’d love to help you declutter and take back control of your home.

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