Organize Your Garden Shed

Tips for Organizing Your Garden Shed

GardenShedOrganization-MovingForwardIncIt’s that time of year when the sun starts shining more and people start thinking of what to put in the garden. Some questions you might ask yourself are:

  • Where did I put the garden tools?
  • Where did I put the seeds and gloves or the garden hose?
  • Why didn’t I just organize my garden supplies last year!

The good news is that you can get your garden supplies organized this year and you can stay organized, so that you can find them easily next year and every year after. 

Here are some tips that we have put together for…

Organizing your garden shed and supplies:

  1. Cork Board, Bulletin Board and Peg Board: Start with Cork board, bulletin board or peg board. You can get these at just about any hardware store. Cork board could handle smaller and lighter tools and you would want peg board for the heavier tools, such as rakes or hoes. You could get some pin hooks for the cork board and heavier hooks for the peg board. Arrange the tools to hang on the boards and voila!
  2. Magnetic Tool Bars: Another item you can get from your local hardware store, or even e-bay is a magnetic tool bar. Magnetic tool bars usually hold kitchen knives, but you can also use them for smaller garden tools, such as a hand trowels, garden shears and smaller spades.
  3. OrganizingTips-MovingForwardIncWire baskets: can also be attached to the peg board. This makes a great place for gloves, seeds and small garden tools.
  4. Old Dressers: If you have an old dresser, you can use it for storage as well. Place your seeds, gloves and small tools, knee pads and bulbs inside. There is a use for that old dresser after all! The dresser can be painted with some cute garden motif and it will keep your garden supplies organized and hidden in an attractive storage place.
  5. Shelves: Wire or metal shelving is great for organizing and storing and they can hold those heavy items, such as buckets, hoses and plastic crates.
  6. Galvanized buckets: Not only are galvanized buckets useful for storage, they also make attractive pots for flowers. Use those buckets to store all your smaller garden supplies, bulbs and seeds.
  7. Horizontal Peg style coat rack: Remember those old expanding coat racks that you mount on the walls? Well they are still around and they make great tools holders and you can even use them for your sunhat!

These are just some of the ideas for garden supply storage and organizing.

To help you organize and downsize your home, call Moving Forward.

We can help you sort, organize and downsize with ease!

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