Organizing in Bellevue Washington Clean out your Freezer Day!

Organizing in Bellevue Washington!

Clean out your Freezer Day!  On June 6th in 1930 Frozen foods were sold for the first time!
But it wasn’t until the mid 1940’s that frozen foods began making their way into the American home.  That was when the frozen meat pie, concentrated orange juice and the Swanson TV dinner became part of everyday life.

Organizing in Bellevue WashingtonOrganizing in Bellevue WashingtonOrganizing in Bellevue Washington
For the last 50 years, we have been putting things in our freezers for “later”.  How many times have you had to open a package, chip off the ice  crystals and then try to figure out what is “was” in a previous life?  How many times have you bought extra of something on sale with the                       idea of freezing it for later, then forgotten about it?

Soon, even a large freezer can be filled with these treasures.  It’s time to be Organizing in Bellevue, Washington.

I have seen many overfilled freezers through the years while organizing in Bellevue, Washington.

I remember one freezer in particular.

It had not been emptied in over 30 years!  It was

so full; a bungee cord was needed to keep the door closed.

There were the usual loaves of bread, now brittle and gray with age and freezer burn.  We found a lovely pork roast that should have weighed about 5 lbs, but was so dehydrated that it couldn’t have been more than a quarter of that.

There was a Leg of Lamb from the Viet Nam era.


The treasure though, was a bag of oysters still in their shells.  The bag was from a trip to the ocean 50 years ago!Organizing in Bellevue Washington

While orgOrganizing in Bellevue Washingtonanizing in Bellevue, Washington, the contents of the freezer were transferred to the dumpster.  I couldn’t help thinking about the money that had been spent to fill that freezer.  I know it was with the intent of saving money by purchasing on sale.  But between the cost of the spoiled food and the electricity of running the freezer, any perceived savings were negated.
Shop in your freezer before you buy the same thing from the store!  Learn how long foods will keep in a frozen state, it is not as long as you might think.  Be selective in what you freeze.

Don’t forget your freezer when organizing in Bellevue, Washington!

Check out this link to some FDA information:

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