Packing in Kirkland, Washington

Packing in Kirkland, Washington

Packing in Kirkland, Washington.  After your last move did you wonder why you had taken on the job of packing everything yourself?  Did your back ache and your old knee injury resurface?

Jill was moving to another state.  She had fabulous art pieces of the highest quality.  Her mother’s tea set from England was old, valuable and fragile.  She had ancient, oriental carpets with delicate fringes.  Everything needed to be carefully protected for the long out-of-state move.  Not only that, but Jill had a back problem that was just starting to heal.  Packing in Kirkland, Washington, was NOT what the doctor ordered!  Jill decided she was going to treat herself to an easy move by getting someone else to do the packing in Kirkland, Washington.

Jill called on Moving Forward to pack the delicate items, the heavy items, and the complicated items.

Jill had fascinating unusual lamps made of driftwood that didn’t fit easily in any regular box.  She had carved birds that were both heavy and delicate.  And she had sculptures with fragile arms that spread out from the body, just waiting to be broken off.

We brought all the necessary supplies with us to pack her up in Kirkland, Washington.

Packing in Kirkland, Washington

Jill sorted papers in her home office while Moving Forward fashioned a different kind of box for her lamp.  Jill packed her clothes while we packed her dishes and her tea set.  Jill purged the kitchen of items she didn’t want anymore while we rolled her carpets in protective paper.

We left enough boxes for Jill to finish packing her office by herself, and dropped off her extra food items at the food bank on the way back to our office.

A few days later, Moving Forward received an email from Jill at her new home saying that everything had arrived in great shape- including her back!  We were glad to be part of helping Jill pack in Kirkland, Washington.

Just call us and we’ll be happy to do packing in Kirkland, Washington, for you too!

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