Packing Tips for the Holidays

Moving During the Holidays? 

ChristmasTime Moving Tips - Moving ForwardLast year during the Holiday season, a friend’s sister, Betty, out of necessity had to move to a smaller home. Her house sold later in the year than expected and she had to downsize and move by December 31st! Imagine that instead of enjoying the holidays with loved ones, you have the added pressure of downsizing, packing and moving!

 By the time Betty received the move date she had already decorated for Christmas! Instead of panicking, she started making phone calls to change her holiday family plans. 

Well, no one wanted to change their plans at that late date, especially since her house was where everyone always celebrated the holidays and they knew this would be the last time they celebrated Christmas at that house. Betty reluctantly said OK, on the condition that everyone pitch in and help her pack and move!



Moving During the Holidays List - Moving Forward Before everyone showed up, she had made lists of things for each person to accomplish. Betty had some wonderful suggestions, too, that we are sharing with you today.


·         Separate the things you need for your holidays festivities. – Don’t pack all the wrapping paper, ornaments, gifts, cards, clothes or medications until you’re sure they won’t be needed. You don’t want to arrive only to realize all the presents are secured in a box somewhere in storage or traveling in a moving truck.

·         Keep the living areas clear – You are still living in the house and your comfort is the key to alleviating pressure!  There will be a time when boxes take over but you will feel less stressed if you are not tripping over boxes during the holidays.

·         Make sure everyone involved knows your timetable and has everyone’s contact numbers. Share your holiday schedule and any available contact phone numbers or digital media addresses with everyone involved in your relocation plans, including your family, friends, moving and utility companies, loading/unloading labor crews, landlord, moving van driver etc. Betty had a family member make a list for all parties of contact numbers and everyone’s schedule so each person knew how to get hold of everyone.

·         Be Flexible – If something changes at the last minute, avoid panic and anger by realizing this is the holiday season and it is all about helping one another, enjoying one another and put a smile on your face!

·         Ask for Help! – Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be thankful you have family and friends to help you! In fact, they love you and want to help you, especially during the holidays!

 Betty’s move, while somewhat stressful, became the holiday that her family still remembers as the most memorable!


Make Your Moving Experience Even Easier

Christmas Moving Tips - Moving ForwardEven though Betty’s experience turned out alright, it could have been even easier with the help of a professional move manager like Moving Forward Inc.

With caring and consideration of any situation Moving Forward will assist you in organizing, de-cluttering, packing and unpacking so you can have a stress free moving experience!

Moving Forward, Inc., wishes you a Holiday full of Love, Joy and loads of Fun!


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