Planning a Budget Move to Redmond Washington: Part 4

Finding a Moving Company for a Budget Move

Budget move to Redmond, Washington.  Continuing on with our four-part series about planning your Budget Move to Redmond, today we’ll talk about moving companies.

You may have heard horror stories of companies who quote low and then surprise you with high charges before they will release your belongings at the end of the move.  Unfortunately, this really does happen sometimes.

How do you protect yourself and still have a budget move to Redmond, Washington?

The Plan!

That is where Moving Forward can come to the rescue! We have developed a product called “Project Planning.”  One of our consultants will come to your home and discuss your budget move to Redmond.  She will listen to your concerns, discuss options with you, and answer your questions about selecting moving companies.  You will receive a portfolio of valuable information, including a list of moving companies that we have had good experiences with.  Plus, you’ll learn why to be careful choosing a mover:

  • Some moving companies operate without licenses or insurance, leaving you and your belongings unprotected.
  • An unusually low estimated price is the red flag of a dangerous company.  They bid low and then jack up the price at the end.  (By Washington state law, the final move charge cannot be more that 25% above the estimate, but this is hard to enforce if a company doesn’t have a license).
  • The Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) regulates movers.  You can see if a mover is licensed and insured by looking them up on the UTC web site at
  • On the UTC site you can also see the number of complaints a company has had in the last 10 years.  Learn how to use the site at

Moving Forward VanCall on Moving Forward to help you plan the easiest move ever and still have a budget move to Redmond.  Planning a Budget Move to Redmond, Washington

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