Redmond Washington Relocation Consulting

Redmond Washington Relocation Consulting.  When Carolyn (not her real name) decided to move from her Redmond home to a retirement condo, she had a lot of questions.  She really didn’t want to keep all the things she had in her current home.  But what should she do with her very valuable prints?  Where could she sell her silver and her Limoges china?  She had contacted a number of antiques dealers, but none of them had even responded to her.

When Carolyn called Moving Forward to get help with the actual packing, she learned we also offer in-person and phone consulting.   We shared contact information for reputable liquidation companies who have provided reliable service for our clients in the past.  We were able to direct her to companies who specialize in silver, china and high value prints.  And we helped her avoid selling directly to an unscrupulous dealer.

Redmond, Washington, Relocation Consulting helped Carolyn preserve her wealth and liquidate her extra items  with ease.

Moving Forward offers phone consulting and in-person consulting.  Get advice from the experts and skip the glitches!

Redmond Washington Relocation Consulting.

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