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How Are the Seattle Seahawks Like Moving Forward Inc?

SeahwawksandMovingForwardIncI bet you already know that the Seahawks are going to be in the Super Bowl game on February 1st. You probably already know that they were in the “Big Game” last year too. Cool, huh?

But did you know it has been 10 years since any other team has been able to win the right to compete at that highest championship level two years in a row?

Our Seahawks rock!

Returning to the Super Bowl two years running seems nearly impossible. How did they get there?

  • Practice
  • Preparation
  • Persistence
  • And a few trick plays

Similarities of the Seahawks and Moving Forward

Downsizing and moving out of a long term home might also seem nearly impossible. But you are not alone. In the same time it has taken a team to return to the Championship game, Moving Forward has been helping people relocate and downsize with ease.

DownsizingMove-MovingForwardIncWith ten years of dedicated practice, we know how to avoid all the common — and even the less common — moving pitfalls like allowing the cell phone charger to be packed somewhere in one of 50 identical brown boxes. Yikes!

With preparation we can help you sort out what to move with you and avoid that all too frequent embarrassing moment when the movers have to pile the last boxes outside your new front door because there isn’t any room left inside.

Our persistence will insure that you will be comfortable in your current home the night before move and just as comfortable in your new home the evening of the move. No, there will be no need to spend that first night in an overheated sleeping bag with a rolled up towel for a pillow.

As for the trick plays … well those have to stay secret until the moment of need. But trust me we have them ready to launch!

Let Moving Forward use our practice, preparation and persistence to score a touchdown move to your new home.

Go Hawks!


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