“Selling Yourself to Seniors” Real Estate Class

Hooray!  Hooray!
My class for real estate professionals, “Selling Yourself to Seniors,” has finally received its continuing education accreditation from the State of Washington.

It took three years to cull out the most important things real estate professionals need to know to help their clients achieve an easy transition.  If you are real estate professionals (or know anyone who is) read on to learn about the class:

Selling Yourself to Seniors” 3 Clock Hours

Have ever had this experience:

You go to meet some prospective clients who want to sell their 4-bedroom, in a lovely, well established neighborhood.  When Mr. and Mrs. Jones meet you at the door, you see that they are an elderly couple with a spectacularly decorated home, but circa 1965.  While that house must have looked pretty impressive at one time, it’s now crammed with papers, books, mementos and cat hair.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones plan to move to a retirement community, but they haven’t even started looking at their options yet.

You’d love to list this home, but

You can’t list it until you stage it
You can’t stage it until you update and repair it
You can’t repair it until they have moved out
They can’t move until they have chosen a place to move to

In this 3-clock-hour class, you will learn how to help your client:

Find the right retirement community to move too
Sell and donate the excess clutter

Without doing all of the hard work yourself!

Click on the link to register for the May 10th Class, in Bellevue, Washington


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