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Relocation and Downsizing

Escape the stress of moving day and come back when everything is unpacked, put away, the beds are made and the towels are out.

• Sorting assistance
• Floor planning
• Packing
• Unpacking

We can do it all or just the parts you don’t want to do yourself.


Take control of your home with supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental help.

• Reclaim your home
• Locate special treasures
• Find reputable liquidation companies
• Connect with charities who will appreciate your donations

Emptying the House

Need to empty a home after someone has moved out or passed on?

• Sort out the financial papers and the things you wish to save.
• Pack and ship heirlooms to relatives
• Arrange liquidation of unwanted items
• Donate the remainder to charity

The Express Plan

There are lots of ways to move.  Choose the easy way!

The Express Plan from Moving Forward takes your move from chaos to comfortable with organizational tips and tricks from Moving Forward’s experienced professionals.

Our in-home Express Plan session helps you:

• Divide your downsizing move into manageable steps
• Organize with efficient sorting techniques
• Avoid chaos on moving day with referrals to reputable moving companies*
• Learn how to sell extra possessions safely

(* MF does not accept referral fees from any company that it refers to.)

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