Sorting All the STUFF!

It’s moving time, where to begin first

MovingDayChecklist-MovingForwardIncWhew!  You finally got mom to agree to moving to a retirement community where you know that she’ll not only be safer, but she’ll have more social interaction than just a television set.  But now there’s a whole house of STUFF to sort out.  Ugh!!!

Most people start this project off by asking themselves, “What can I do without?”  They load up the car and drive it to the thrift store or dump.  Then they do the same thing the next day . . . and the next.  About two years later, they are finally ready to move.

Sorting out what you don’t want to keep is a great strategy for organizing when you aren’t moving.  But in a downsizing move, this can be an enormously time-consuming approach.

Instead, start by asking yourself, “What do I use the most?”  Start with the furniture.  What furniture have you used in your home already today?

Maybe you thought of the the bed?  The dinette set?  The night stand, dresser and TV?  Well you’ll definitely want to take those with you.  What about your clothes?  Which clothes do you wear the most?

You don’t have to make final decisions, yet

Can't Forget My Glasses!

Can’t Forget My Glasses!

Don’t make this your final sort; that’s too much pressure.  Just select the things you need to make yourself comfortable for the next couple of weeks.  Don’t get rid of things you don’t plan to take yet, just put your “take these items first ” all to one side.

Do you find yourself mentally drifting off into other questions, like, “What will I do with it if I don’t take it with me?”  That’s a hard question in the beginning.  And your brain can’t focus on two different questions at the same time.  So lead your thinking back to that first question, “What do I use the most?”  If you promise to yourself that you won’t throw anything away yet, you’ll have plenty of time to answer questions like that later.

After you figure out what you need to be comfortable for a short time, go ahead and move it.  Start living in your new space.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to sort things out after you have already moved.  Why?  Because you’ll be able to see what is best to take.  You’ll be able to see how much room you have left in the closets for clothes.  You’ll be able to see how much room is left in the kitchen cabinets for additional pots and pans and dishes.  You’ll be able to see how many pictures will fit on the wall over your dresser and over the sofa. Even more importantly, you’ll know how it feels to live in your new space.

You may find yourself with time to enjoy new activities

Suddenly, you may have new interests instead of just reading your old books again.  Once you experience what it’s like to have someone else doing all of cooking, that turkey roasting pan may seem much less necessary than it was. By moving the basics first and leaving the deeper sorting until later, you’ll greatly simplify the whole moving process.

If you have a place in your life that needs sorting, and it seems to be getting the best of you, give Moving Forward a call.  We’ll help you get the job done and help you reclaim your space!


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