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Paula’s pictures were always organized!

I have a friend, Paula, who is into scrapbooking.  I mean, she is into it in a BIG  way!  As her four children were growing up, she got double prints of all her photos.  One copy would go into herA woman scrapbooking book for that year, and one would go into the specific child’s book for that year.  She would discard the unused photos as she made the books.  Her photos were always in perfect order.  She could go to the shelf and select the correct book to show you a photo of Suzie’s first bus trip, or Freddy when he won the swim meet!  Pages of Halloween costume pictures were decorated with beautiful scrapbook creativity, and each birthday had its own memorial page.  Her photo albums were the epitome of organization and originality.  They were inspiring!  And yet…

Pile of assorted picturesI hated her!  Not really, but it’s easier to say that you “hate” something rather than admit you are jealous!  Most of us aren’t as organized as Paula; we have boxes and boxes of pictures in the closet!  Baby pictures mixed in with graduation and vacation pictures.  It’s an organizing nightmare.  But we can do it.  We can tackle that box of pictures:  organizing in Seattle, Washington.

We can organize photos too!

Whether we are contemplating a move, downsizing, or just decluttering, the time comes when we have to deal with the photos! What do we keep and what or how do we discard?

It seems to me, we keep photos for several reasons.  One, is as a historical record of an event.  Like wedding pictures, or graduation pictures.  Another reason is to remind us of pleasant experiences.  I put vacation pictures in that category.  Then, there are the pictures of people or events that we might not even remember at this point!

Keeping the first category is obvious.  Of course we want photos of those milestones in our lives.  Making copies, or scanning and making a digital record, of these important photos is probably a good idea.  The kids will appreciate these at some time.

Lady with lampshade

...and why is she wearing a lampshade?

The second group, reminders of pleasant experiences, is usually the largest collection.  As I look at my box of unidentified photos, some can be pulled out for each child as a memory of childhood events or trips.  Some can’t be identified, so why keep them?  Then there are photos I just want to put into a small box to pull out and remember from time to time.  They aren’t going to be of interest to anyone else, but they bring back fond memories for me.

That third group makes me scratch my head.  What was so important that I needed to take a picture of that?  Who are those people, and why do they have lampshades on their heads? Why did I keep prints of out of focus pictures?  Part of the answer is that I was raised to not throw things away; it was wasteful!  But, seriously, is that really necessary now?

Just get started sorting those pictures!


For some of us, it is a long process.  We have boxes and boxes to go through.  You know what they say about how to eat an elephant? …. Cut it in little pieces and start chewing!  So, with that box of pictures: organizing in Seattle, Washington, just get some boxes to sort into, grab your first box of pictures and start sorting!

Keep in mind, we have been collecting these pictures for decades.  Take time to remember, put aside those to copy or make a digital record, scratch your head in disbelief, and toss photos that no longer mean something to you.  That Box of Pictures:  Organizing in Seattle Washington.

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