What do You Know About Superman? 

Superman - Moving Forward IncRemember the old Superman comic book, TV and radio shows?

Did you know that the the idea for Kryptonite came from the radio show and not the comic books!

Bud Collyer played the radio role for The Adventures of Superman for the Mutual Broadcasting Network starting in early 1940. Collyer did the voices of Superman and Clark Kent in that old series.

The Origin of Kryptonite

When he notified the network that he wanted a vacation the writers had to come up with some way to incapacitate Superman for a few days so that he could take a rest and enjoy his vacation! That is how Kryptonite came in to the series! Kryptonite gave the series new life, new plots and some great new villains!

Before, during and after a transition to a new home can be a time of stress and exhaustion! You can feel like Superman did when exposed to Kryptonite! It can be exhausting, stressful and incapacitating!

Let Moving Forward be the superhero and relieve you of that Kryptonite feeling! We can help you de-clutter, downsize and relocate!

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