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Auction - Moving Forward

Auction or Estate Sale?

Are you downsizing? Do you have a large quantity of things that you’d like to sell? If so, you might be wondering Which is better an auction or an estate sale? Between auctions and estate sales, the best monetary return is almost always

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Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington

Transforming the Move-a-Phobic to the Already-Peacefully-Moved in Redmond Washington.  Recently, Active Rain Rainmaker, Ginny L. Gorman, reported how Move-a-Phobia has become rampant in large parts of Rhode Island. http://activerain.com/blogsview/2613997/my-buyer-now-has-move-a-phobia I’m here to report that we have encountered substantial outbreaks of Move-a-Phobia in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington, as well. In Ms. Gorman’s scholarly article she […]

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An Easy Move in Bellevue, Washington

An Easy Move in Bellevue Washington.   After your last move did you wonder if an easy move is possible in Bellevue, Washington?  Perhaps you wondered if an easy move was even possible in our reality. If your last move was typical, you took days off work to get everything packed up while your boss called […]

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