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Unpacking Kirkland Washington

You moved from out of state to be closer to your grandchildren in Kirkland, Washington.  Your son and daughter-in-law took a week off of work to get everything packed and on the moving truck.  It was a big job, but they got it done.  Now they are out of vacation time, the school year has […]

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington

Easy Do-It-Yourself Move in Redmond, Washington.  Think about your last move.   Did you run out of boxes before you ran out of dishes?  Did you lose time making multiple trips to get more boxes and paper?  Did you hire a cheap moving company who broke your plates and “lost” your portable stereo?  Did you spend […]

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Cartoon Woman Lifting Box with Back Pain

Packing It In on Move Day

There are some real advantages to hiring a professional packer, especially for the dishes and other breakable items. In general, whoever packs the items is responsible for any breakage during the move. The exception is when a box has been visibly damaged by the movers. In that case, the movers are responsible for it, but […]

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