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I Want to Keep My Pets!

In the past relocating and downsizing with a pet might have been a challenge, but not anymore. The great news is that with the increasing evidence of health benefits conferred on the owners of pets, the whole retirement industry is changing. Many communities are now happy to have cats and dogs living in apartments with […]

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LongTermCare for Ho-MovingForwardInc

Long Term Elderly Care

What if your loved one qualifies to be in a nursing home, but she wants to stay in her current residence? Providence ElderPlace could be the answer. Read Sang Ho’s story here, and see how this program could work for you or your loved one as well.

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Aging in Place

When seniors were asked about how important it was for them to continue to live where they live now, they all agreed that it was very, very important to them. But when the conversation got into the details, it turned out that they meant something different than what most of us think about “aging in […]

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