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Time Saving Moving Tip - Moving Forward

Moving Tip

What the best way to save time in a household move? It can be exciting to plan out a new and different home for yourself. But, sometimes there are things that you want to recreate, because you like them the way they are.

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Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington

Moving in Redmond and Seattle Washington. These days, most of us run our lives in high gear; much like newlyweds George and Marie (not their real names).  George was a software engineer in Redmond, Washington, and Marie was a patent lawyer in Seattle, Washington.  They met online, courted in Seattle, married in Ohio (her childhood […]

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Unpacking Kirkland Washington

You moved from out of state to be closer to your grandchildren in Kirkland, Washington.  Your son and daughter-in-law took a week off of work to get everything packed and on the moving truck.  It was a big job, but they got it done.  Now they are out of vacation time, the school year has […]

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Unpacking in Redmond Washington

Unpacking After a Move Mrs. Timmons’ home suffered severe damage in a storm, her daughter, Carol, convinced her to leave her remote, rural home in the bayous of Louisiana and move to a retirement community in Redmond near where Carol lived.  While Mrs. Timmons loved her home, the thought of regularly seeing her grandchildren persuaded […]

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