The Boomer Generation and Downsizing

 Boomers Downsizing Face “Reverse Sticker Shock!”

Downsizing Collectibles - Moving ForwardAs I look at downsizing, I remember when we started collecting something, not just because we liked it, but because it was a “collectible.”  Or, because it was an “investment.”  I remember buying the good, well built furniture because it would “retain it’s value.”

Ah, I sure remember it well.  I am now faced with “Reverse Sticker Shock” when I look at the current values of these items.Boomers bought well built furniture - Moving Forward

As the baby boomers are downsizing themselves, or their parents, it is becoming clear that many of these purchases that were thought to be wise at the time are turning out to be anything but!

Downsizing = selling collections and investments

In an article by Missy Sullivan for April’s “Smart Money” Downsizing Boomers Looking to Sell Their Stuff  she explores the current market.

Boomers loved antiques - Moving ForwardWhat she reports is exactly what we are seeing with our clients:

Sometimes the items that seem to be worthless are sought after by some buyers, while other “good stuff” ends up being donated to charity.

You can still get good money for some items, but the key is to find the best buyer!

Who Do You Call?

Individually, we usually don’t have those connections.  That is where hiring a professional can come in very handy..

At Moving Forward, we can help you find the right company to handle the items you are downsizing.  Some cases do best with an auction house, others with an estate sale.

We have lists of companies that we have worked with for years, and share that information with you if we manage your move or through our “Project Plan” kit.  Be assured, we do not accept or offer referral fees!

Moving Forward VanThe market for you possessions may not be as good as it was five years ago, so it is even more important to try and get the most for those belongings!

Let us help!


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