The Catered Move in Redmond Washington

The catered move in Redmond, Washington.    Are you facing a big complicated move?  Don’t have time in your already full life to: schedule, organize, pack, oversee the movers, unpack and search for the cell phone charger that got packed heaven knows where?

Did you know that you can enjoy a catered move in Redmond, Washington?  Not a buffet lunch on moving day, but the other meaning of the word catered: to provide what is wanted or needed in a particular situation or by a particular group of people.

That situation is moving and that group of people can mean just one person–YOU.

What, exactly, does it mean to have a catered move in Redmond, Washington? It means that a move manager will schedule and organize, oversee the movers, unpack, and not misplace your cell phone charger.  It means you can tell someone what you want, maintain your focus on your busy schedule and life, and then come home when everything is unpacked, put away, the beds are made and the towels are out.  It means your move can be made easily.

The catered move in Redmond, Washington (and in many locations across the country), is perfect for the busy executive, perfect for the software engineer, perfect for families with children, and perfect for families who need to help Grandma and Grandpa move to a retirement community.

Moving Forward has been offering catered moves in Redmond, Washington, since 2004.  To enjoy a catered move in your part of the country, look for a senior move manager at

The catered move in Redmond, Washington.

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