The Motivation to Declutter in Issaquah Washington

Declutter in Issaquah Washington.  Do you find that you have things piling up in your home, but you just don’t want to take the time to declutter your home?

We all feel that way sometimes.  And why is it that buying things and putting them into our homes is so much more enticing than taking things out of our homes?  Can’t donating be as fulfilling?

Yes, it can!

I want to share one donating experience that knocked my socks off.  My company, Moving Forward, helps people declutter in Issaquah, Washington.  My client realized she wasn’t likely to ever move back to Washington.  However, she still had all the furnishings for a 1-bedroom apartment in storage in Issaquah.  She just wanted us to ship a few items back to her on the East Coast and get rid the rest, so she didn’t have to pay storage fees anymore.

I knew the perfect charity.  The Sophia Way puts homeless women through an eight-week program to help them get back on their feet and then it outfits a whole 1-bedroom apartment for them.

When I told my client about the charity, she was thrilled.  Instead of feeling sad, she was suddenly excited and filled with the motivation to declutter in Issaquah, Washington.  After the charity volunteers had made their pickup, I found a few more things that I thought the Sophia Way graduate might enjoy.  So I swung by their office on my way home.

As fate would have it, the Sophia Way recipient (I’ll call her Patricia) was there at the office when I arrived, and she was beside herself!  She had a new job.  She had a new apartment.  She had complete matching sets of furniture and nice dishes.

When I asked Patricia if she would like to have the additional things I had brought – some dish towels, a hibachi and a frilly, pink lamp; she was so overwhelmed she burst into tears!  Her emotion swept over me like a tsunami, and I ended up crying too.

Patricia hugged me and told me her whole long story and how much all of this meant to her.  How blessed she felt at having this fresh start and how deeply grateful she was to all the people who had made this possible.  And she swore to me that, on her honor, she would pay it forward.

I wish my client on the East Coast had been there to experience that moment firsthand, because it isn’t something I will ever forget.  I relayed as much as I could to my client so she, too, could share in the joy of giving to this woman she would never meet.

Next time you need some motivation to declutter in Issaquah, Washington, or whatever town you live in; I hope you will think of this story and this woman.  We may never know the effect of a donation we make to charity, but I can assure you the ramifications can be profound.  Declutter in Issaquah Washington.

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