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Easy Moving Tips: Packing the Tiny Things Securely

Keys lost when moving - Moving ForwardHave you ever lost a small and important piece in a move?   Say the key to your file drawers?

What a pain in the neck!  There you are trying to cope with having everything you own in life tumbled into unfamiliarity, and some trivial thing like a key vanishes.

The movers have just finished unloading the truck, you need to pay them, you need your checkbook.  And it is right there.   Right there on the other side of that thin sheet of metal that forms the wall of your file cabinet.  It’s location is so familiar that you can practically see it.

But you can’t get to it.

Chaos of Moving Day

So now what?!!!   The movers are waiting for you, your cat is meowing to get out of the carrier, your stomach is rumbling; and everything is being held up by the fact that your blankity-blank key is missing.  The can opener you just put in the kitchen drawer is starting to look like the right tool for the job.

Yes, it happens all the time.  Keys, cell phone chargers, the rubber washer that seals the bottom of the blender so that your coffee milkshake doesn’t run all over your new counter …  small things are at risk during a move.  Even if you know what box you put them in, they can get lost in the packing paper.

A Moving Day Life Saver…

But that doesn’t have to happen to you.  Because you are reading this article, where you are about to learn about the wonderful properties of the Ziploc bag.

Yes, the Ziploc bag is your solution for tiny things that could become lost within drifts of packing paper.

Here is an inside tip from Moving Forward’s professional packers: For small items wrap them in paper, but put the bundle in a Ziplocs bag before you pack it into a box.

Tiny items packed in paper have a tendency to come loose.  Then they migrate to the bottom of the box where they can slip under the box flaps.  Even if you carefully remove and smooth every last piece of packing paper, in the chaos of moving day, you could still overlook some tiny, vital piece.

Moving Day Chaos - Moving ForwardThat tiny ceramic, mother duck with 5 even tinier baby ducks?  Wrap them in tissue, then pack them together into a Ziploc bag.  Extra important keys? Pack them together in a Ziploc bag.   Small individual part to the blender?  Pack them together in a Ziploc bag.

Ziploc bags are every bit as important to a successful move as boxes.

Bonus tip:  Some things, like keys, are just too important to put into a box for the movers.  Allocate one box for the most critical items, and move that box yourself, in your own car.

Of course, if you just don’t want to pack in the first place, Moving Forward would be more than happy to pack for you and bring all of the necessary supplies.

Wishing you an Easy Move!


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