Twenty Years of Newspapers: A Moving Story

Emmy sounded thoroughly frazzled when Katie first talked to her. “My mother fell in her bathroom and laid there unconscious for three days!”

Emmy and her mother, Jane, (not their real names) had been arguing about the level of clutter in Jane’s home for years.  Now it was no longer a hypothetical problem; Jane had tripped over a pile of newspapers and magazines and hit her head.

She was weak and dehydrated, but she was expected to recover.  Still, she wouldn’t be able to return to her old home with the stairs.

Emmy was overwhelmed with trying to care for her mother’s issues and work her own full-time job. Moving her mother wouldn’t be easy.  Jane had given over most of her home to twenty years’ worth of newspapers.  Financial records and family photos were jumbled in with catalogs, magazines, and newspaper clippings.   Sorting out and packing up her mother’s condo was more than Emmy could handle.

Katie met with the two women in Jane’s hospital room.  Together, they sketched out what they wanted moved and to where:  newspapers and magazines to recycling, furniture to assisted living, movies and music to storage, and financial papers to Emmy.

Three Moving Forward employees started working the next day, checking in with Emmy and Jane when unanticipated items were discovered.  They set up Jane’s new one-bedroom apartment, and had the condo emptied well ahead of schedule.

Emmy and Jane were both so grateful.  Jane was relieved to be able to put her hands on the things she cherished the most, and surprised that everything was handled so quickly.  Emmy was just relieved it had gone so smoothly and the results were so satisfying.

Both women could now get on with their lives, with Jane embarking on a new, fresh start.This was news worth celebrating.  Thank you, Moving Forward!






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