Unpacking Chaos

How to Avoid the Chaos of Unpacking

Unpackingchaos-MovingForwardIncWhen you think about moving you usually think about packing boxes or about hiring the moving van. But only a few people remember how much work is required to UNPACK everything after you move.

The best case is that unpacking takes about as much time as packing. But that limited amount of time is only possible when everything is packed well. For most people unpacking is a job that never ends. Literally. Many (maybe even most) people store still-packed-boxes for years after a move. One client had boxes that hadn’t been unpacked in three previous moves.

If you have some of those still-packed boxes from your last move, you’re in good company. Many other capable, intelligent, and well-adjusted people have them too. Because unpacking is usually the hardest part of moving.

Why Is Unpacking So Hard?

What is it about unpacking that makes it so difficult to complete?

The Motivation to Declutter in Issaquah WashingtonMost people don’t realize how many individual items they own when it’s all neatly put away in drawers, closets and cupboards. So almost no one allows enough time to do all of the packing that is required.

Worse, most people don’t allow much (or any) time to sort out what they don’t want to keep anymore.

As they pack and the hours tick down toward the arrival of the moving company time speeds up and organization loses out. At 2 am whatever is left gets stuffed in a box… any box. Shoes with stereo equipment. Dishes tucked into towels. Bottles of olive oil share space with cleaning solutions. Everything gets labeled “Miscellaneous.”

The movers roar in the door at 8 am and ask you to pack loose items from the dresser drawers. You use your last box, just as they discover an entire, overlooked closet. Yes moving day is just full of surprises.

At 4 pm the movers have piled everything up in your new living room. You write them a check. You drop your tired self onto the sofa. At which point you notice that you are hungry. Very hungry. Very, VERY hungry. And no wonder, you never even got around to eating breakfast.

So how about a can of soup? You find a bowl, a spoon, a can of Campbell’s tomato, but … Where is the can opener? Did somebody forget to pack the can opener? Or did somebody put it into one the many boxes marked “Miscellaneous?”

Your new neighbors hear you shout, “Gee willikers!”. (Or perhaps they heard something a bit stronger.)

When the Movers Are Done

You might have thought that when the movers are finished, the move should be finished. Don’t be ashamed. It’s a common misconception.

But the sad truth is that for most people UN-packing is the biggest part of the project.

Unpacking requires not only that you put everything away but that you decide where each item belongs in the first place. And you need to put what you don’t have room for aside. You need to put anything that is broken, or missing parts or that you wish you had donated last year aside. After awhile that Aside pile gets bigger than the Miscellaneous pile.

Do you know what I mean?

How Do You Prevent Unpacking Chaos?

To prevent unpacking chaos it’s a good idea to sort before you pack, so that you move only those items that you want to keep. This results in less to pack AND less to unpack. A very nice benefit. Trust me.

It’s also a good idea to assign a destination room to each box and only load it with items destined for that particular room. That will save you a whole lot of trips up and down the hallway and stairs while you unpack. Another very nice benefit.

EasyMoving-MovingForwardIncBut the best thing you can do to prevent Unpacking Chaos is to call Moving Forward before you start. Let us show you how to sort efficiently – yes, there is an easy way to do it (that does NOT involve a dumpster). Then turn over both the packing AND the unpacking to us.

Imagine coming home when everything is put away, the beds are made and the towels are out. All you need to do is to pour the wine and make a toast.

Don’t you deserve an easy move?

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