Unpacking in Redmond Washington

Unpacking After a Move

Mrs. Timmons’ home suffered severe damage in a storm, her daughter, Carol, convinced her to leave her remote, rural home in the bayous of Louisiana and move to a retirement community in Redmond near where Carol lived.  While Mrs. Timmons loved her home, the thought of regularly seeing her grandchildren persuaded her to make the move.

They had such a good plan.

She saw her things loaded onto a moving van and then flew out to Seattle.  It was a well planned affair.  Her three children planned to be in town just as the moving van arrived so that they could welcome her and do the unpacking in Redmond, Washington.

It was a great plan, but fate did not cooperate.

At first the moving van was to arrive on Saturday.  However, the roads in the bayous had also been damaged in the storm.  Progress was slower than expected, and now the van was due to arrive on Sunday.  But it took longer than planned to unload another person’s goods from the truck in Denver.  Now it was due to arrive on Monday.  Then the truck experienced a mechanical problem and the arrival was postponed until Tuesday!

By this time, the out-of-town family member’s plans to help Carol unpack their mother’s belongings in Redmond, Washington, had unraveled.  Their tickets to fly home were for Monday.  They were expected back at work on Tuesday.  There wasn’t going to be any family project of unpacking in Redmond, Washington.

However, before Mrs. Timmons could even move into the retirement community, she had to pass a medical assessment (The state of Washington requires a medical assessment to insure the community offers the level of care that the resident needs).

Carol’s regular weekly responsibilities had resumed on Monday.  But not only did Carol need to schedule the medical assessment and transport Mrs. Timmons to the appointment, there were groceries to buy and prescriptions to fill also.

In a tizzy, Carol asked the retirement community what she could do.  They recommended Carol call Moving Forward to do the unpacking in Redmond, Washington.

Moving Forward to the Rescue!

We planned a crew to unpack on Monday.  We rescheduled with a different crew for Tuesday. But we were there.  While Carol took Mrs. Timmons shopping for a winter coat, wool socks, gloves, sweaters and flannel sheets (all the things you never needed in Louisiana), we got those boxes unpacked in Redmond, Washington.

For us it was a simple job.  For Carol, it was a life saver.  For Mrs. Timmons it was a delightful experience to find her favorite items all set up in her new home.


Call on us, Moving Forward, if you need help unpacking inRedmond, Washington.

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