Unpacking Kirkland Washington

You moved from out of state to be closer to your grandchildren in Kirkland, Washington.  Your son and daughter-in-law took a week off of work to get everything packed and on the moving truck.  It was a big job, but they got it done.  Now they are out of vacation time, the school year has started, and they are fully engaged balancing their work schedules with the children’s school schedule.

Piles of packing boxes

So the truck is on its way, but who is going to help you unpack?

Oops.  Everyone kind of forgot about the unpacking in Kirkland, Washington, step.

That’s the situation that June (not her real name) found herself in.  June travelled ahead of the moving van to stay in the guest room at one of the lovely retirement communities in Kirkland, Washington.   The plan was that she’d move into her apartment just as soon as the movers arrived with her things.

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men don’t go quite as we envisioned.  During the couple of days that June waited for the moving truck to make its way to Kirkland, Washington, June remembered that additional step of unpacking.  Just having the furniture and boxes piled into her new apartment wouldn’t enable her to stay there.  Everything she needed would be in the boxes.

She couldn’t stay in her apartment until there were sheets on the bed, towels in the bathroom, dishes in the kitchen and soap under the kitchen sink.  Worse, until she could actually stay in her new home, she’d be paying rent on both the guest room and her new apartment.  Expensive!

Should she try to unpack it by herself?

But when she’d watched the movers load the boxes in Arizona, she remembered how huge the boxes looked.  She probably wouldn’t even be able to reach the bottom of one.  And what about her back?  She’d been feeling pretty well lately, but all that bending and lifting – was that really a good idea?

Well, you only get one back in life.  June decided she had better things to do with her back than to spend it all in one fell swoop unpacking in Kirkland, Washington.

She contacted Moving Forward so they would be there when the movers arrived for the unpacking in Kirkland, Washington.

Moving into new home

And boy was she glad she did!  The movers just kept bringing more and more boxes and furniture in the door!  They filled the entire living room and dining room to over six feet deep!  As the boxes poured in, June realized that not only was the challenge of unpacking in Kirkland, Washington, an athletic endeavor; it was looking more and more like trying to solve an enormous, apartment-sized Rubik’s cube.

Like most families, June over-estimated how much storage space she would have when they packed up all her sheets, towels and toiletries.  Not only did she have six sets of sheets, eight bottles of shampoo, and twelve types of hand cream; she also had six sets of sheets for the king-sized bed she had left behind in Arizona.

While this may sound ridiculous in retrospect, packing way too many things is a common mistake when you are trying to just get it done fast.

However, with help from Moving Forward, June had everything unpacked and put away in Kirkland, Washington, in just three days.  The Salvation Army picked up the extra sheets and towels, and the local homeless women’s shelter was thrilled to receive the excess personal care items, even the ones that were only half full.

Moving Forward unpacking boxes

Because of Moving Forward, June didn’t pay for any overlapping apartments, not even one day.  She was able to start enjoying her new home right away and saved her back for exploring all the opportunities found in her new community.  Unpacking in Kirkland, Washington.

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