When Seniors Relocate in Bellevue Washington

When Seniors Relocate in Bellevue Washington


Moving can be a tough project for anyone.

Imagine trying to move when you are a senior coping with the natural challenges that age brings.  Consider that moving to a retirement home can symbolize the end of a stage of life.  Add the fact that seniors are often leaving large homes to move to smaller quarters in retirement communities, so that they will only be able to keep of fraction of their current belongings.  Add family dynamics to mix, and you come up with One Huge Challenge.

But there is help.   A new service industry is taking root around the country, called “Move Management.”  These companies are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for seniors to move.  Moving Forward Inc, has been helping seniors relocate in Bellevue, Washington for seven years

The services provided by each company can vary; but there is a general range of services provided. Move managers make floor plans to help the senior to visualize how their own furniture will fit in their new home, so the senior can understand what furniture to take with them when they relocate in Bellevue, Washington.

Move managers help the senior sort out all of the other things in the house, the things to be moved, given away, sold, donated and disposed of.  They see that items get sold or reach the destination that the senior has chosen.  Moving Forward has been working with local companies to coordinate donations or sales.  Keeping things local has been a priority of many of our clients.

When seniors relocate in Bellevue, Washington, Moving Forward staff members can pack, unpack, supervise movers and even put everything away after the move.

An important part of any move is to coordinate the efforts of the other services involved in the moving process, including realtors, house cleaners, repair people and others.

It is easy to see how valuable the services of a move manager would be when family and friends are far away or unable to help.  But surprisingly, move managers often help seniors relocating in Bellevue, Washington even when the families are very involved and live nearby.

Moving Forward staff members often can help families put their dynamics aside by being a neutral, professional person at the center of the process.    Seniors can count on a neutral person to see that their desires are fulfilled.  Everyone benefits from having an experienced person coordinate a complex process.

Move managers make senior moves so much easier on everyone.

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