Window Boxes

Window Boxes…More Than Just a Pretty Face!

Window Boxes - Moving ForwardDid you know that window boxes were traditionally used to repel insects?

It’s true!

Before the invention of the window screens, people placed window boxes of insect repelling plants under each window to discourage flies and bugs from entering.

The vividly colored geranium (pelargonium), basil, mint, thyme, lavender and many other attractive and easy to grow plants have been shown to be quite effective at repelling insects.

Plant them in boxes on your deck or patio to make the use of chemical insect repellent unnecessary.

Is there another use?

Now if only plants and herbs could repel clutter from building up in your home.

Seriously, if you need a little help getting the things in your home organized and under control, please give Moving Forward a call to see how we can help.

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