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The Origin of the Wonder Woman Comic Book Character

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Wonder Woman Doll

Wonder Woman was created in 1940 by psychologist William Moulton Marsten. He was the also inventor of the Polygraph (Lie Detector test). He talked to his wife Elizabeth one day about creating a superhero who would use the power of Love instead of fists and firepower to defeat enemies.  His wife told him to make the new hero a woman and Wonder Woman was created.  The “Magic Lasso” was a twist on the Polygraph test; a device to make people tell the truth.

Lasso of Truth

You may feel like you need Wonder Woman’s Lasso of truth to find the right people to help you or your loved one’s to organize, pack, move, or auction personal items when it it time to downsize. Finding the people who will take care of your treasured items can be a daunting task.  Moving Forward Inc., has the resources and experience with the most trusted movers and auctioneers to assist you with your downsizing and moving needs.

 Smooth MovePerson Moving

Moving Forward helps to relocate and downsize people who want to keep their lives running smoothly even through the upheaval of household move.    There are so many things that can go wrong when you don’t know what resources are out there to help or hinder your move.   Delays, cost overruns, and complications that sap your time and energy.

Moving Forward offers full service moving, where we do all the planning, packing and scheduling for you.  You can skip move day and come back when it is all unpacked and put away, the beds are made and the towels are out.  This is perfect for the high performance family, the busy executive and the downsizing move of your great aunt.

From simple advice to the full service move and everything in between.   You will feel like you had Wonder Woman do all the work for you!

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